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Bench Warrants

A bench warrant in Florida is a variation of an arrest warrant, issued typically by a Florida judge, which authorizes the arrest of an individual usually for a violation of a court order (contempt of court). Bench warrants are regularly issued when a defendant fails to appear in court for required court hearing or trial or when a defendant has violated a term of his or her probation.

Being on the receiving end of a bench warrant is nerve-racking.  If you are out of Florida, local police will typically arrest the defendant and hold them at the nearest jail until you are transferred back to Florida. The process is not a quick one and you may end up spending a significant amount of time waiting to be transported to Florida.

Arrest Warrants

In Florida, an arrest warrant is a written order of a judge, which directs police to locate and arrest/detain a person. Such warrants are typically ordered when a Florida judge finds “probable cause” that a defendant has committed a law violation.

Whether you have learned that you have a bench warrant or arrest warrant issued against you, our trial attorneys will fight to have the warrant removed. Living in fear of being pulled over or that law enforcement will be knocking on your door is stressful and clearly not the way to handle a warrant. Our attorneys are experienced in such cases and, in most instances we will file a motion to set aside the bench or arrest warrant. The worst thing you can do is to ignore the warrant as they will not go away on their own and if you are arrested, you may be held in custody without bond.

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